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Dear Customer,

TAWASUL is the loyalty program for Arabian Oud customers, which allows them to gain exclusive features and benefits.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Current customers are categorized according to their purchases from 1 July 2018 to 1 July 2019.
  • If the customer purchases reach a higher category he will be immediately eligible for it, even if it is the first purchase.
  • Categories benefits do not apply during any other offers.
  • Customers are categorized according to the total of purchasing value in each category for one year from the date of joining the last category and will be re-categorized.
  • TAWASUL program gives points for customer purchases that can be redeemed by purchasing from Arabian Oud branches, and will not be paid in cash.
  • Each 1000 SAR of purchase equal 1000 points and will be redeemed as 50 SAR.
  • The points expire within one year from the date of obtained, and the customer is not entitled to claim the points after their expiry.
  • In the case of a purchase return, the earned points will be deducted from the purchase and the category will be reclassified.
  • The features apply on less than 125 grams in Agarwood purchases.
  • The Company is entitled to modify the categories classifications and benefits or cancel the program at any time.

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